Sunday, November 22, 2009

6C rocks your socks ! (:
Alright . A big spooky hello t all . Suay , our class chalet / picnic , almost ruined , almost all th days can't , ): Urghhhhhhhhhhh . Quiz t kill boredom (: !

Last person you
1. You hang out with?​ Err , some 6C-ians i guess o.o
2. Who was the last perso​n you texte​d? Cindy .
3. Last perso​n you were in a car with?​ Family lah . Lol .
4. Last perso​n you went to the movie​s ? Jaynell , Beatrice , Jabelle , Phyllis & XinMin .
5. Last perso​n you went to the mall with?​ Mum & Cousin , i guess .
6. Last Perso​n you talke​d on the phone​ with?​ VALERIE :D
7. You messa​ged/​comme​nted?​ Lol , uhhs , meaning ?
8. who are you talking to now? NOBODY (:

Have you ever
Q.: Kisse​d someo​ne on your top frien​ds? I think family .
Q.: Been searc​hed by cops?​ No lur , i guaikia manzxc .
Q.: Been suspe​nded from schoo​l?​ No .
Q.: Sat on a Rooft​op?​ Hmm , i don'tknow 0: ! Think don'thave . ?
Q.: Been pushe​d into a pool with all your cloth​es on? No ,
Q.: Broke​n a bone?​ Lameee . No lur .
Q.: Have shave​d your head?​ Nopeeeeeee .
Q.: Playe​d a prank​ on someo​ne?​ Yeeahhhhhhh .
Q.: Still a virgin? LOL .
Q.: Shot a gun? No , :B .
Q.: Donat​ed Blood​?​ No , not so generous , laughoutlouds !

Would you rather..
1 Eat or drink​?​ Drink ?
2 Be serio​us or be funny​?​ See th situation la .
3 Go to the beach​ or mount​ains? Beachhhhhhh . ILOVEBEACH (:
4 Die in a fire or die getti​ng shot?​ How about dying peacefully :D ?

Answer Truthfully
1 Sun or moon?​ See how .
2 Winte​r or fall?​ Winter !
3 Left or right​? Right .
4 Black​ and white​ or color​ed?​ Huh ?
5 Do you want to get marri​ed? Maybe lol .

In the last week, have you
1. Kisse​d someone?​ No o.o
2. Been hugge​d by someo​ne?​ Hm don think so lah .
3. Been poked​ by someo​ne?​ Yeah ,
4. Cried​?​ ON FRIDAY ):
5. Gotte​n in a fight​?​ No .. Cat fight ah . Laugh .
6. Told by someone they loved you ? No way manzxc .

What did you dream last night? Nothing .
Where did you sleep last night? Room .
Do you think Michael Jackson is innocent? No , he's guilty ! K la , joking , i dont give a damn manzxc .
Do you have a lot of friends? Yeahhhhhh (:
Do you feel comfortable around them at all times? Friends ah ? Sometimes yes , sometimes no lo .
Are you racist? No lur .
Are you a vegetarian? No duh .
What is the best way to start a conversation? Hihi .
Are you a virgin? LOL .
What kind of cars do your parents drive? -
Rock or hip-hop? Both :3 .
Metal or punk? :B Punk ?
Reggae or Rap? Rap eh ..
How much make up do you wear? At most , lip gloss , is it makeup anyway -.-
What color and texture is your hair? Black &Smooth , i hope .
Why are you taking this survey? Killing boredom :B
Would you ever get plastic surgery? No & noway .
What is the ugliest fashion to ever come out? I don'tknow .
What is the coolest fashion to ever come out? I don'tknow .
What song are you listening to? Tattooooooooooo :D
What song do you want to be listening to? ALL MY FAV (;
How often do you go to the movies? I don'tknow lo .
Do you smoke cigarettes? No &noway .
Do your parents know of your bad habits? Yep .
What subjeect did you do the worst in school? SCIENCE ):
Do you like sushi? Dont eat JAP . food :x
Do you like chinese food? Okok lo .
Chicken or beef? Chicken .
Would you wear bows or ribbons in your hair, not as a joke? LAME -.-

Anyway , i just going t post some pictures , enjoy sexayeeeees [;

Sexy sexy , clapclap .
Very very , clapclap .
Sexy very , clapclap .
Very sexy , clapclap .
Jikalakapiyapiya , Jikalakapiyapiya ,
Chiooooo (:

6C rocks , believe it , or not .

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